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Some horses become part of the family right from the first moment you lay eyes on them . But the ones that really grab your heart are the ones you bred and trained yourself. Some horses are true heart forever horses and tonight's story is one of those

Tonight we learn the story of CELSO who is partnered by the beautiful Jess Pateman

Celso aka Taz was born in Warrnambool and bred by Jess’ mum Sherrie Barton in 2008. He is out of a tiny little thoroughbred mare who was by Rustic Amber and is sired by the wonderful ASB Conquistador who's sire was the great Clinton and on the dam's side there is heartbreaker. So yes the breeding on Dads side is exceptional! But for a little thoroughbred, Mum's side isn't to be sniffed at either. For those who don't know Rustic Amber the TB, has been a prolific sire of many eventers and showjumpers! In fact he was the sire of the eventer Kirby Park all of a Sudden who actually made the team for London 2012. As well as the sire of one of Melissa Froesch's horses Rustic Rouge who went on to win gold at the 2002 Asian Games.

Taz was broken in by Dave Lever and has been produced all the way through by Jess.

He is the kindest horse in the world and absolutely loves any attention, cuddles and treats. When you do up his back leg straps of his rugs or brush him he will often hold his hind leg up and turn his head right around and look at you, like a dog wanting you to scratch the inside of his hind leg.

Loves: Carrots, chippies, beer, soft drink, cuddles, jumping big jumps, disuniting on course, doing flying changes on the flat when he hasn’t been asked to, having his face and forelock brushed, getting his back legs scratched

Hates: big waves, seaweed, the last little divety mark the harrows leave when you finishing dragging the arena (will shy at it every day without fail) & walking like a horse under saddle… much prefers to walk like a camel/lima.

Taz is very well travelled and has some impressive results on his resume too... he was part of the winning team at the 2022 magic Millions Event on the Gold Coast, he has also won on 2 occasions the Binnie Barclay Memorial

Taz, a homebred and owned and loved story is a great one, and everything you have done so far tells a great story of a pony with a big heart. You still have some stories to tell as well. We cannot wait to see an example of this famous Camel/Lima walk and we cannot wait to see you shine on Sunday!

See you at the Classic!

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Photos Credit

All photos supplied by Jess Pateman

1. Celebrating the Magic Millions Win

2. Looking Magnificent during a trot up

3. Jumping at Aquis

3. As a baby at home

4. Jumping at Shepparton

Some of Celso's results

more info

known as: Taz

ridden by: Jess Pateman

sire: ASB Conquistador

dam: Little Bay Mare

bred by: Sherrie Barton


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