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Diamond B Vivienne

A small few words to celebrate a very special horse.

Vivienne is going to be ridden by Amanda Madigan in the GDP Classic Martin Collins Australia Grand Prix and these 2 have a pretty special bond.

For those who didn’t know Vivienne is bred very much in the purple, she has Vivant / Conquistador and Imperial Seal in her bloodlines. Today she is only 12 years old and is now competing at the highest levels of our sport. She loves her job and loves to jump, and being the horse she is she has been invested in her career right from the start.

Did you know? When she 4, she rejected her first foal who then had to go on and be bucket raised, because she wanted to keep working.

Vivienne does have a quirk and that is she has an ongoing dislike of other horses, no attachment issues to others which is great, but would definately make warming up interesting.. On the upside Vivienne is however a people horse, and while she can be feisty she is so very loveable.

Cudos to you Helen Chugg on your breeding program and your training program and your success with so many great horses and congrats Amanda Madigan for taking and competing this horse to the very highest levels. Here’s hoping that Diamond B Vivienne brings home the rug for both of you and Diamond B Farm.

Some of Viv's recent results!

2023 - A member of 2nd placed Unicornium team at Magic Millions Jumping Spectacular!

more info

known as: Vivienne

ridden by: Amanda Madigan

sire: Vivant

dam: Diamond B Conseal

bred by: Diamond B Farm


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