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Eagle Rock

Riders does your heart melt when you see a Grey Pony? Our does. This Pony is not only Grey but the news for all of you is he also a stallion so if he becomes one of your favorites you can breed with him too!

Tonight we tell the story of the incredible Stallion EAGLE ROCK

Who is partnered by Ally Lamb.

Eagle as he is known at home was born in 2009 and was bred by Jan Breukink in the Netherlands and imported into Australia in 2015 as a young horse. As a Breeder its nice to hear that Jan loved him so much he still stays in touch to hear how Eagle is doing. Now you know the breeder, lets talk about the lineage, Eagle is by Berlin out of Arisinaa. On Dads side there is Cassini, Capitol, Caretino and Mum has Le Tot De Semilly, Nimmerdor, Furioso II. So yes people another bred in the purple!

So want to know more?Eagle has an addiction to fruit, he loves all fruit, especially bananas, carrots, nectarines, watermelon.

Eagle has a human obsession and that's with his human Mum, he neighs every time he sees her and runs as fast as he can to the gate, doesn't do that for anyone else! Now remember he is a stallion but he is a big teddy bear at heart, he loves interacting with other horses and is a very easy stallion to have around other horses.

One of his favorite things to do is, rolling in the dirt & getting dirty but also enjoys a warm wash ( not cold water) . Trot ups he also knows how special he is and he does like to show off and give a hey everyone look at me kind of cheekiness.

Eagle is fast becoming one of the countries superstars. He has been crowned Victorian State Champion, he was part of the winning EIAF team this year at Magic Millions, he has started in 18 World Cups and is one you see at every Grand Prix up and down the country, if he isn't winning the class you can bet he is in the line up somewhere.

Eagle we love that for a stallion your are just so cool, we love the bond you have with your human Mum and we love that you always try so hard for her. We are looking forward to seeing you shine.

Some of Eagle Rocks recent performances

2023 - Member of the winning Equine International Airfreight Team at Magic Millions

2021 - Equestrian Victoria Jumping Horse of the Year !

2020 - Jumping Victoria State Titles Senior Champion!

more info

known as: Eagle

ridden by: Ally Lamb

sire: Berlin

dam: Arisinaa

bred by: Jan Breukink


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