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Gina was born in 2009 and was bred at Mount View Sport Horses in New Zealand. Early in her life she made the trek across the ditch and has been with the Dobbins ever since.

She is a seriously cool calm cat, so much so that she now gets fed like a racehorse, the more oats in her feed the better. Heaven knows we need a good canter that needs energy Miss Gina.

Lets talk about her breeding, she is by Chin Chin and for those that don't know he competed for more than 5 years at World Cup Level, he also competed in two Olympic Games both Seoul and Barcelona and two times at the World Equestrian Games. that's just Dad, on Mums side you can find lines like Grannus (ex Grannus-Granit ), Grannus’s dam Odessa is of Trakhner/Hanoverian descent and carries with her the blood of Gotthard and the foundation mare Klaseta. There's also Landgraf back there too. So we are talking some great lines. Can we use the purple word again? Yes we can!

She's a funny thing, and probably her most iconic quirk is the fact that at a show she "gets in the zone" so where will you find her? With her back to you and standing on her mound she has built in the middle of stable.

Guaranteed everytime! And so proud of that mound she is. Other horses? Nope could care less. She knows how great she is and it should be about her! In fact she would be very happy being the only horse on the truck.

Beautiful, Big and Black and such a joy to watch! Good Luck Gina! Show those others what you are made of.

Some of Gina's recent results!

2023 - A member of 2nd placed Unicornium team at Magic Millions Jumping Spectacular!

2022 - 2nd in the $51,000 Equitana Grand Prix

2021 - GDP Classic Grand Prix Winner!

more info

known as: Gina

ridden by: Brook Dobbin

sire: Chin Chin

dam: Charming Princess

bred by: Mount View Sport Horses NZ


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