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We just love Grey ponies! We know a lot of you do too as the horse in tonight’s story has many progeny on the ground in Australia. Breeders, this one may pique your interest!  

Cornel or Corn being as he is known at home is owned by Sarah Williams and Josh Collins and produced, and ridden by Josh. Corn is one of the few stallions in our Grand Prix and he stands at 16.3h .

Corn was born in Czechoslovakia in 2011 and was imported to Australia by Sarah Williams. He is by Corlensky G who is by Cornet Obolensky and his Dam is Bjork L who was by Beethown and Beethowen’s sire was Contender.

While most of you would have heard the name did you know from the moment Cornet Obolensky set foot in the world of breeding, riders and breeders have been fascinated. At the 2001 Westphalian stallion inspection the audience watched breathlessly as this product of the golden combination Clinton x Heartbreaker just seemed to flirt with the jumps. In the 30-day test this he received a 9.24 score for jumping aspects and a 10 for free jumping.

Cornet Obolensky has dominated the sport and breeding world for over a decade. Phenomenally successful as both a sport and breeding stallion, he is still as popular for breeding today as he was at the height of his international career. His good looks, temperament and outstanding technique and scope, and that of his offspring, have seen him counted amongst the best stallions in the world for heritability and reliability.

A fact none fun, quite sad but thankfully a ripper ending… In 2022, both Cornet Obolensky and his son Comme il faut were at their owner Valentin Nychyporenko's Ukrainian stud Zhaschkov. When war broke out due to the invasion of Russia, plans were immediately made with Kai Ligges, the manager of Ligges Stud, to bring the two to safety. On 12 March, Kai Ligges and other helpers drove to the border and picked up the two stallions. Since then, Cornet Obolensky has been re-homed at the Ligges Stud in Herbern. Comme il faut moved into his box at Hubert Vornholt's stallion station in Münster.

Cornet Obolensky's sire is none other than Clinton I. He won numerous major tournaments and Nations Cups under the Belgian Dirk Demeersman. His successes include second place in the Aachen Nations Cup and the Grand Prix of Aachen, as well as placings in the World Cup Jumping in Oslo and the Grand Prix of Aahus.

To be able to say you have Cornet Obolensky in your lineage is pretty special. So yep another one in the purple!

Back to Cornel!

Corn and Josh have been a partnership now for approx. 7 years. Josh has had the ride since Corn was approx. 4 years old. It nearly may not have happened. Sarah just happening to reach out to Josh to help her bring him back into work and for a bit of training. From that moment Josh knew there was something special about Corn and the rest as they say is history! Cudos to Josh in producing such a magnificent stallion to such magnificent heights!

Even though he is grey Corns favorite treat is licorice and we can only imaging how that goes when he dribbles black juice all over himself. (John we would love a photo of the color of his tongue!)

His dislikes, Corn should be Victorian! He would love it here as it seems he certainly does not love life when it is hot.

Josh tells us that Corn is a chatterbox, he is super vocal and he loves nothing more than to announce his arrival. Especially pronounced he jumps off the back of truck at shows. He knows what’s about to happen.  Josh also tells us that a few years ago he was given a gift of Cornel Pyjamas, he does treasure these very much.

One great thing for both Josh and Emma (Josh’s wife) is communication regarding Corn is super easy as they tell us he has very own special emoji. Of course its the corn emoji! It may be a joke between them however we can bet its also one of the most used emojis in both their phones.

Josh has a lot of great moments with Corn and Winning the EA cup at Sydney Royal and the Willinga Grand Prix were both highlights!

Cornel is as we mentioned still a stallion his eldest progeny have recently started their coemption careers. In fact a couple of years ago his son Condor finished runner up 4yo Australian Champion. So for those breeders out there looking for the next star, do consider this beautiful grey jumping superstar, in fact pop down on Sunday to watch Corn shine in the Martin Collins Australia Grand Prix.

Josh tells us that in his early years with Cornel he was at Yandoo and the team there gave him a lot of help, he is based back there again now  and he cannot thank the Yandoo team enough for all they do for him and Corn. He feels Corn is truly blessed having such a great supportive team.

Below link is a bit of fun, you can actually watch his sale video back in Checkolsalvkia before Sarah purchased him…

Corn, you were beautiful then, all those amazing dapples, what really captured us however was the movement, you must have gotten that from your grandsire.. We cannot wait to see to see you at Classic… and we are loving watching all your beautiful progeny out and about.

Cornel is a modern stallion. A superb athlete – trainable, powerful and elastic. He is passing on his pedigree of high quality showjumping genetics to his offspring. Cornel has shown great ability across the sport, especially in the last two years of World Cup. To learn more about breeding with Cornel visit the Emco team website at


Josh would also like to thanks his sponsors as without them Cornel would not be looking and feeling as good as he does.

CWD Australia and Fixine for Equine


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