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POD is ridden by Jennifer Wood and thier story is below

Jennifer has been riding POD for just over 12 months. Jennifer says he is actually owned by very good friends Michael and Emma Lees however as they have been busy with thier family farm they have kindly let Jennifer ride him for as long she wanted. POD and Jennifer have formed a great partnership and he is one of her favorites (Can we say that?) in fact Jennifer feels beyond blessed to have POD on the truck and she thinks he is one of the coolest horses she has ever ridden.

We cannot tell you much about POD's mum except she was a TB which gives POD some special athletic ability, however we can tell you that dad is Cassiago who is by Cassini I and he has Capitol I in his line. Since Dad and Grandad were grey POD definitely got his colour from Mum. Sire Cassiago produces temperament, ability, pedigree and character! and POD certainly has plenty of all of those! It's a big thanks to Nic Carrero and family for breeding such a beautiful pony.


Grandsire Cassini I has a long history behind him. When it was time for him to take his place in the Holstein barn he became so popular as a stallion that the Holsteiner Association had to limit his use. Breeders who used a thoroughbred were given preference initially. Some of his famous progeny apart from Cassiago are Eurocommerce Berlin, Candilo, Neumünster Cassilano, and who can forget the 2006 WEG champion Cumano. So we can tell you that on the Sire side POD is definitely bred in the purple.


POD thinks he is a rodeo horse on paddock rides, he also loves to demonstrate  his lightening fast epic moves when you are not paying attention. Does he hate anything? Yes he absolutely hates it when the love of his life "Maxie" doesn’t come into the barn at the same time as him. POD's other trick? He will escape out of the stable at any possible opportunity. 

Although Jennifer has been riding POD for only a short time it has been a great time. Pod jumped like a boss last year in his first World Cup at Tamworth, Jennifer tells us it sure was an amazing feeling to sit on a horse that felt so confident at that height. POD ran 4th in the World Cup warm up at Summer classic, He also won one of the 145 classes at SJA in spring. POD and Jennifer's story is only just starting and we are sure there will be many exciting moments to come!

POD for Jennifer is certainly one of the stable favourites with everyone who gets to handle him. He is one weird lovable guy that’s for sure, and we too cannot wait to meet the amazing, very loved by all he meets POD.

See you at the Classic POD!

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