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horse who has a fan club that spans across the country. With many a nickname and even his own theme song, we are excited to introduce OAKS CONJUROR who is partnered with Queenslander CLEM SMITH

Foaled in 2012, Oaks Conjuror was bred at Oaks Sport Horses by Alice Cameron. By Chicago out of Oaks Alto, he comes from a line that has proven to produce top performance horses. In fact, he regularly competes against his brother Oaks Cassanova in Grand Prix’s around the country.

Oaks Conjuror is a gentle giant if ever there was one. At just three years old he had already reached 17.1hh. From his height stemmed the nickname “Moose” which later evolved to “Mouse”, which has had quite a few variations since including Maui, Mau Mau, Mauboy and even Jessica. A final little-known fact about Mouse, he has his own theme song fitting one of his nick names – “Jessica” – by Major Lazer.

Mouse’s career started when David Goodwin freshly back from Europe and looking for young horses, free-jumped the three-year-old Mouse briefly at The Oaks. David was impressed by what he saw and purchased him on the spot. Mouse was then carted across the Nullarbor to spend his next three years of his life in Western Australia. David tells us that Mouse was exceptionally kind and sweet from the beginning, however there was a single occasion as a 4yr old, when after a six-week spell, Mouse objected to the spurs, and showed some of his athleticism with a round of 4-5 enormous and terrifying bucks. David suggests it was probably justified in hindsight.

David tells us more about Mouse (or Maui as he fondly refers to him) as a young horse:

“There was always a sense that Mauie was special, (not least because of his famous siblings Oaks Cassanova and Oaks Quickstep). This was very much solidified at one of his very first shows, the Yalambi Classic in Bussleton. Ring two was not suited to him, and he was jumping so well, he ended up entering the 1.20m Bronze final on the final day. A bit risky considering it was his 3rd or 4th show. Piloted by Maddi Stephen, he ended up winning the class”

As David’s showjumping business started winding down in 2018 when he commenced a new career, a new home was sought for the beloved Mau Mau. David tells us for Mouse, grass is life, so he was extremely fortunate to find a home with Clem and Sharlene, who let him have his amazing grass time regularly, as well as bringing about his awesome potential.

And so, Mouse’s journey with Clem began and what a journey it has been thus far. Clem and Mouse have made a formidable partnership.


Whilst Mouse has an impressive resume these days with accolades such as being Senior Team Members for Queensland and winning the National Teams Title, being members of the Willinga Park Team in the AJTL and taking out the win in Caboolture, being Runners Up with Team Domeland in the 2024 Magic Millions $1.4million Teams Event just to name a few, Clem tells us that one of his proudest achievements has been in producing Mouse from a six year old to having him place second in his second ever World Cup start at Tamworth. Mouse has had an exceptional career to date with wins and places from young horse classes through to Grand Prixs and World Cups and has finished in the Top 10 Overall of the past two Australian Senior Titles.

It also appears Clem is just as smitten with Mouse as David was. “Mouse is the sweetest horse you will ever meet. He will canter up to the gate in his paddock just to see you. He has a beautiful kind nature and is always wanting to please”. Mouse particularly loves presentations and showing everyone what a good boy he has been. Sometimes he will even throw in a celebratory buck to show his appreciation for the crowd.

Mouse and Clem would like to thank Martin Collins Australia, Horsepower Feeds & Supplements, Completely Equine and Hawkesbury River Saddles for their generous support.

Mouse, your kind nature and positive attitude has left a lasting impression on us, and we cannot wait to see you take on the Martin Collins Australia Grand Prix. Hopefully we will be able to witness your celebratory bucks in the prize ceremony!

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